No More

October 5, 2010 - Leave a Response

Since someone mentioned this blog to me, it’s become uncomfortable to write in.
For that, I must go.


Another Story

March 19, 2010 - Leave a Response

Spectacular things happen to us when we don’t expect it.  A spectacular thing happened to me.  Something so unbelievable that I had to write it down for others to enjoy, critique, or otherwise cut down – but for the record, every word of this is true.

I like to jog.  Many people do.  I jog three times a week, usually.  One summer morning, though I seldom jog in the morning, I was out with our dog Mr. McCoy, Bones for short.

Bones and I were jogging near the waterfront, as we liked to do on warm some Sunday mornings.  Today was no different. 

The mid-August weather and the early morning sun had baked the sidewalk to a warm radiance that made the morning extra warm even considering it had only been daylight for a couple short hours. 

The sky was a clear blue, and I recall it vividly.  There was no clouds in sight and the wind gently brushed tiny water droplets against my face as my feet swept over the sidewalk in their steady prance.

I was feeling especially nostalgic that day.  I was thinking back to the day I got married and how much has changed since then.  The days flew by, weeks , months then years, and I’d been reflecting on the years passing when I heard it.

Bones immediately started to bark as the sky grew darker.  A fellow jogger jogged by, oblivious to what was happening, and as she passed I looked up to see a plane plummeting to the ground. 

Bones started to tug at his leash.  He wanted to get out of there.  So did I!

I looked ahead as the plane started to descend directly above me.  I knew if I didn’t act quickly it would surly land right there on the sidewalk and crush the woman who’d just jogged past. 

I bolted into action and ran after her, screaming my lungs out.  I didn’t really scream anything that could be recognized as words.  When you’re that afraid you just can’t form a sentence, word, or even anything more than a noise.  It sounded a little like “GET DOWN!” mixed with “DUCK!” and “PLANE!” but I cannot attest that any of those words were actually formed by my lips.  Bones only howled.  A low, alarming howl that I’d never heard before, nor heard since.

I knew she didn’t hear me and in a final act of desperation I dove at her hoping to throw her to the ground and out of immediate danger of a plan crash landing on her.

Strange Feeling

January 17, 2010 - Leave a Response

Sometimes I get this feeling. Something like a nastalgic lonelyness. Things I felt, feelings only, shouded in vague memory, reveal my sadness. But not sad of then, instead sad like a great and indecent regret, long lost and sadly not fully remembered.

Sometimes I think of places, like medusas cave, a large drainpipe near my jr school that we used to frequent to prove our bravery. Or sometimes, a scared mixture if bravery often felt during my night break and enters of schools but no specific schools.

It makes me feel as if I forgot something important, or remembered something I should have done years ago. A sort of unsetteling underlying terror. It’s uncomfortable, and familiar all at once.

Tank Girl

December 13, 2009 - Leave a Response

It’s a strange feeling, I was watching ‘tank girl’ when I realized that I always liked ‘Jet’ because I wanted to BE Jet.

It really helps identify your feminine side when you want to be like a feminine character.  What’s probably more disturbing is that she’s a second string character, a “side kick” if you will, do I want to be a side kick?  She’s fantastically smart, yet shy and unattractive – what does that say about me?

Intro idea

December 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

It’s funny what you remember as you get older. About your childhood, I mean. I remember in four or five my parents were poor, and especially out of touch with society. Not that they ever were all that, “in touch” my entire life, but this year was especially bad. They decided that I needed a new bike. At least I don’t remember asking for it. Nevertheless I got home after school one day, and surprise, there’s a new bike. Normally a kid would be excited to get a new bike but I wasn’t. This was a girls bike. I nearly cried.
Weeks later my parents finally convinced me to ride my new bike to school. I left late to be sure my friends didn’t see me. I took every precaution, including chaining my bike to the farthest fence from the school. The plan seemed to work, that is until it was time to leave. I snuck off to the farthest fence, to collect my powder blue feminine bicycle. What I didn’t count on was having to ride directly by the baseball diamond to get home. Of course my friends had all decided to stay for an extra game or two. Something that I’d be prevvy to had I not been sneaking away.
As I drove by, trying my best not to attract their attention, one of the kids started to yell. “hey look over there!!”
“and he’s on a GIRLS bike”
The kids broke out into laughter. I was humiliated.
Only one kid stayed silent. I don’t even remember his last name now, but his first was Chris. He was a bully. He had beaten me up on several occasions, yet he stood silently while everyone laughed at me. “It’s a nice bike. Well, better than mine. Do any of you guys have gears on your bike?”
Of course nobody else had.
I could only smile and continue riding home.
The one guy who stood up for me.

The World Will End In 2012

November 9, 2009 - One Response

I’ve been reading a lot lately saying: “The world won’t end in 2012.” followed by a bunch of reasons why no natural disasters will happen in 2012.  But how come nobody is talking about humankind distroying the planet? 

Here is my logic.

Every “12” (that is, 1912, 1812, 1712) has fronted the beginning of a war.  Each more horrific than the previous.  Therefor it follows that World War 4 will happen in 2012, and could possibly distroy the world.

So There.

Jet Engines

September 29, 2009 - Leave a Response

So birds get sucked into jet engines. Why the hell don’t they just put a mesh “fence” to keep unwanted animals, people etc and all from getting sucked in. It doesn’t make sense.

The devil is a good guy

August 20, 2009 - Leave a Response

A story that humanises the devil. Makes him understandable. Show him as a vulerable and flawed being – and how he’s trying to do what he feels is right.

Mr. Co

August 7, 2009 - Leave a Response

Someone should write a story where a famous person is, in fact, several people. Each move of their life carefully planned by a committee in secret.

It Writes Itself

July 20, 2009 - Leave a Response

It would be interesting if someone wrote a story using an experiment as driving input over it’s outcome. For example growing three types of plant (Algie for example) all compeating for the same space. Observe the outcomes and using some imagination transform it into a battle of three kingdoms.